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Warthog WT-1/2", new high flow for 1/2" applications up to 21 GPM, includes a front jet


Product Description

Warthog WT-1/2", now designed to handle up to 21 GPM!

Editors Review: 
Stoneage took this highly successful small pipe nozzle and made it even better, designing it so that you could harness the power of your 18-21gpm jetter! The small dimensions of this powerful nozzle have always made it a plumber's favorite, and now that you can run it on your larger jetter, it is a killer tool! This product has one of the highest satisfaction ratings by plumbers and contractors for cleaning laterals and smaller sewer lines. It is regarded as especially useful in preparations for lining or rehab work. "It is expensive but worth every penny".


  • Up to 5k psi
  • 12-21 GPM Flows
  • 3”- 8” Lines no problem!

Clean 3″- 8″ Lines with Elbows

Our smaller Warthog® sewer models have all the powerful features of the larger tools but can negotiate elbows and clean-outs commonly found in laterals from homes, buildings, restaurants, and other light commercial facilities. 


  • Maximum Pressure     5k psi
  • Operating Pressure     1,500k-5k psi
  • Rotation Speed     300-500
  • Flow    12 - 21 GPM
  • Tool Diameter     1.9 in.
  • Length     3.0 in. 
  • Nozzle Ports     3 x 1/8 NPT
  • Weight Complete     1.2 lb (.54 kg)

Product Configuration: Please provide us with your pressure, flow and hose length (why do we ask for this?):

We custom jet every nozzle to meet your exact operating specifications. This way your new nozzles will deliver maximum performance for your setup. To do this, we need this information from you.

GPM = the maximum flow rating of your pump, or if you wish, the maximum flow you use.

Hose Length = how long is the typical length of hose you will use? We suggest using the length of a new roll of hose for this spec.

Pressure = What is the maximum pressure rating of your pump, or if you wish, the maximum pressure you use.

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