Phantom Sewer Nozzles

Advanced Workhorse PHANTOM Grenade Nozzle

Users tell us this is the best general cleaning nozzle they have ever used!  The City of Los Angleles, which has the largest collcetions system in the country, uses this as their "first nozzle", the go-to tool that they start their cleaning process in every line.  With over 50 comnination machines operating 2 shifts a day, they do extensive testing to assure they are getting the best performance from their tools.  They have selected the Phantom as their primary cleaning tool.  Why don't you try it yourself?  

Super High Performance Technology, Tier 3 design, withe the most advanced NDH™ conical ceramic jets, which accelerte the water stream as it leaves the nozzle to blast grime from the pipe wall.

Use: Light weight allows for wider angle jets, increasing the cleaning component of the energy vector while wasting less energy to propel the nozzle up the pipe.

8 dual angle jets 25° & 30°