Blockage Sewer Nozzles

Blockage nozzles are specialists, designed for the single purpose of opening a blockage quickly so that a surcharge is relieved.  Once the pipe flows again, hopefully averting an overflow (SSO), you can finish the cleaning job without forcing your cleaning nozzle of choice to do it's work under water - never a good thing.  It is always the best option to clean a pipe when it is not full of water.

Blockage nozzles are an inexpensive insurance policy - every rig should have at least one.  Whether you run a municipal super sized jet truck, or you are a residential plumber with one of the many good small jetters out there.  Having one of these blockage busting nozzles at the exact moment you need it, is inexpensive and worth every penny the first time you use it!

Our blockage nozzles are time tested "Gold Standards".  Our zero maintence chisels are hardened tool steel and our Aquadrills, with their massive rotating front jets, will blast a hole in just about any blockage with amazing speed.