Sewer Nozzles

We have been building nozzles for nearly 20 years.  Back then, all nozzles were made from driled steel blanks, and designs were inefficient, to say the least.  We have long taught the facts: if you use an inferior nozzle, your much greater investment in your crews and equipment are wasted.  

Over time replaceble insert designs were invented, and insert styles and types have seen great improvement.  It surprises us however, how little practical experience is used to continue to refine nozzle designs.  Materials used are very important, but nozzle orientation in the pipe, the profile of jets used, and jet angles, are all critical to delivering the best performance for your investment.  

Our nozzles are expertly machined from the finest hardened stainless tool steel and space age aluminum alloys.  All of our nozzles feature our industry leading NDH™ Near-Diamond-Hard conical ceramic jets.  Our jets funnel the water flow to reduce pressure loss within the nozzle, easily outperforming and outlasting disc-type inserts and softer ceramic offerings.  The water jet stream is accelerated as the flow path narrows, and then flares as it exits the nozzle, delivering maximum energy to the pipe wall - the key cleaning factor.  There are no better nozzles made.  That's why we make the claim, with Workhorse Nozzles you will always Maximize Your Horsepower.