Proofers: Your New Secret Weapon.

What if we told you it is possible to stop your nozzle automatically, right in the region of the worst problems in your pipe? You can! Use our high grade proofers. This nozzle extension type is constructed with runners that are sized slightly smaller than the pipe I.D. (about 1" smaller), and designed so that they are collapsible - one end is fixed and the other end floats freely. This design prevents them from becoming permanently lodged where offsets or protrusions would jam traditionally constructed nozzle extensions. If you clean an entire pipe segment, manhole to manhole, with a proofer on your hose, you can be confident that line is very well cleaned, in fact you have "Proved" it.

  • 10 precision manufactured, equally sized, hardened steel, replaceable runners produce a near perfect cylinder shape.
  • Grade 8 double bolted clamps assure solid construction.
  • High pressure forged coupling with a hex section for secure attachment and easy disassembly.
  • Precision machined and buffed threads prevent accidental cuts on operator's hands.
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