Nozzle Extensions: Yes or No?

The use of nozzle extensions and proofers, a class of products sometime referred to as centralizers, should be considered a part of your sewer and storm drain maintenance program standard operating procedure (SOP) because;

  • Keeping the nozzle centered in the pipe allows the nozzle jets to reach the entire pipe wall more evenly.
  • The relatively inexpensive nozzle extension (about $70.00 - $100.00) can extend the life of your relatively expensive nozzle by a factor of many times.
  • Most importantly, using an extension minimizes the risk that a nozzle may be deflected during use and return in the direction of the operators, potentially causing serious injury and even death. So the use of an extension is actually a much desired safety enhancement.

Better Cleaning - Extended Nozzle Life - Enhanced Operator Safety

Our nozzle extensions are constructed from superior schedule 80 pipe and high pressure couplings, which are threaded, then fully welded to the pipe extension. Hardened steel runners help our extensions last longer. Finely cut and polished threat have no sharp edges which can inadvertently cut an operator's skin or gore in the nozzle, making it difficult to properly assemble and disassemble the skid to nozzle. Come to recognize quality in your tools purchases.