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Continuous Steel Sewer Rod (price per foot)


Product Description

Continuous Steel Sewer Rod - price per foot

  • Price Listed is "per foot".
  • Diameter: .375 Rod
  • Heavy duty
  • Multiple Lengths available

Our continuous sewer rod is made from the perfect combination of ductility and tensile strength.  Use a material that is too hard (ductility) and it will work harden too quickly, become brittle early in the life cycle, and break off continually in the line, causing huge operating costs due to work stoppage and downtime and including the loss of material.  Too low a tensile strength and the power delivered by the machine to the rod is muted.  A rod that is too soft cannot adequately transmit torque.  Always specify genuine Advanced Bare Steel Rod.

This rod is available in a variety of diameters and lengths.  It is used in rodders with a roller-type drive-head design.  Continuous rod is sold based on footage in coils.  Due to the nature of producing cut length coils, actual lengths may vary as much as 10% of the requested finished length.  You will be billed only for the exact length shipped.

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